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  1. How a 21st-Century Learning Environment Helps Students Master Tough Subjects
    In Austin Community College’s ACCelerator, which opened in 2014 in a former shopping mall, instructors work with small groups of students, at their own pace.
  2. Starter Kit: New to the Department Chair
    In a few months the chair of your department will step down. You want the job. But are you ready? To help you prepare, we’ve collected lessons and advice from experienced department heads on how to make the transition from faculty member to chair, and how to succeed in that role. Buy a copy of “Starter Kit: New to the Department Chair” in the Chronicle Store, and check out the rest of our new Starter Kit series.
  3. Two Movements Converge: #MeToo and Graduate-Student Unionization
    Labor organizers at universities are trying to make the case that a union can be a powerful advocate for students fighting sexual harassment and assault.
  4. After Years of State Budget Woes, the U. of Illinois Will Hire Hundreds of Faculty Members
    With revenues on the rise, administrators want to invest in more faculty members. 
  5. The Future of Learning and How It Could Change Your Classroom
    A Chronicle reporter shares lessons for professors from her new report.