The Chronicle of Higher Education | Faculty

  1. What You Need to Know About the Inspector General’s Audit of Western Governors U.
    The audit’s recommendation that the university repay more than $700 million in student aid has grabbed all the attention. But it’s far from clear that that will ever happen.
  2. Dust-Up Involving Conservative Student Sparks Political Uproar in Nebraska
    Two instructors protested a student who promoted the right-wing group Turning Point USA. The backlash that ensued has left some professors feeling vulnerable.
  3. Teaching Newsletter: Helping Students Persist, 9/21/2017
    Keeping students academically motivated helps them stay enrolled. But do professors see retention as part of their job?
  4. How a College Aims to Breed Activists With Keen Eyes on Identity Politics
    A new program at the City College of New York will teach activism with a nuanced approach to politics.
  5. A Debate About White Supremacy and Medieval Studies Exposes Deep Rifts in the Field
    Medievalists have been wrestling with their field’s connection to white supremacists. Now, one of their own has sharply challenged their fears, revealing a struggle to define the discipline’s future.