The Chronicle of Higher Education | Faculty

  1. Here’s What Sexual Harassment Looks Like in Higher Education
    A mix of risk factors has made the problem particularly pervasive in the college workplace.
  2. Sexual-Harassment Case at U. of Southern California Prompts Push for Tougher Punishments
    Students are asking the university to re-examine its policies, saying the sanctions imposed on a professor who violated those polices were weak.
  3. It’s Been 3 Decades Since There Were So Few Jobs for History Ph.D.s
    And back then, the American Historical Association notes in its latest jobs report, many fewer new graduates were competing for those openings.
  4. Just Maybe, Student Activists Aren’t So Closed-Minded
    A new national survey says they seek out differing opinions more often than their peers do.
  5. Scholars of Slavery Force a Public Reckoning
    Historians are asking new questions as America confronts its past. Download this booklet to read about their work, the conversations they’ve started, and what’s next in the movement for reparations.