The Chronicle of Higher Education | Faculty

  1. James Comey Continues Second Act as a College Instructor
    The former FBI director will co-teach a course this fall on “ethical leadership” at his alma mater, the College of William & Mary.
  2. How the Definition of Mentoring Is Changing
    It’s not about grooming undergraduates to be just like you; they need to find their own path. That tension is what makes these relationships difficult to engineer.
  3. Creating a Diverse Faculty
    Colleges struggle to attract and retain faculty members from traditionally underrepresented groups. Here’s why they have such a hard time and what they might do better.
  4. 24 Tips for Teaching Writing
    Here’s guidance from experts on how to teach students about danglers, adverbs, commas, and more.
  5. Lehigh U. Scholar and Author Resigns Amid Sexual-Misconduct Investigation
    Several people made allegations against James Braxton Peterson, according to an email sent to the faculty and staff on Tuesday.