SJDCTA Minutes from Executive Board Meetings

San Joaquin Delta College Teacher's Association

SJDCTA General Meeting MINUTES
9 Nov 2011

Attendees: Stella Alonzo, Kindra Beale, Joel Beutel, Marcos Contreras, Shelba Durston, Bill Ferraiolo, Aaron Garner, Clarence Louie, Josie Malik, Elizabeth Maloney, Scot Martin, Jim McBride, Harry Mersmann, Diane Oren, Pedro Ramirez, Steve Schermerhorn, Rachel Standish, Wesley Swanson, Janice Takahashi, Jeff Topping. Visitors: Ariana Gonzalez.

Call to order: 2:04pm

Public Comments:
Ariana Gonzalez encouraged attendance at La Raza Employees Association budget forum on 11/16/11, and the Scholarship Breakfast on 12/1/11.
Harry Mersmann gave updates on next SJDCTA general meeting: 12/7/11; and SJDCTA Holiday reception: 12/9/11 (details TBA).

10/26/2011 approved unanimously.

Academic Senate President:
Diane Oren informed us that the Student Success Task Force report out today, with a response from State Academic Senate. Watch SSTF meeting here: 

Elizabeth Maloney reported that the letter on the salary grievance from SJDCTA to the Board was prepared and sent.

Political Action:
Harry Mersmann made (and seconded by Stella Alonzo) to re-establish SJDCTA-PAC with a checking account. Passed unanimously. Donations up to $99.99 require no receipt. Stella made a challenge to all to match her donation.

Stella Alonzo reported that a new job advertisement for a classified Z"outreach" position included the words "provide counseling" (or similar). This matter was assigned to Bill Ferraiolo for investigation.
Jeff Topping was thanked by Elizabeth Maloney for his work contacting PT members about flex planning.
Shelba Durston asked about some details of flex for overload.
Diane Oren confirmed that the full-time flex form is not yet available. She also asked, rhetorically, where will the money go for those who don't complete their hourly flex requirement.

Policy and Procedure. Harry Mersmann informed us that the near daily changes from President Marsee is affecting many aspects of committee structure; there is a direct impact on the SJDCTA proposal for a the policy routing form. 
Policy and Procedure. Bill Ferraiolo reported on the proposed change in evaluation of Marsee, to focus input to the Board of Trustees only, and severely limit all other input.
Basic Skills. Marcos Contreras discussed the importance of involving faculty with grant writing and to communicate the grant requirements all the people involved in implementing the grant. Marcos believes that lack of communication is at the core of the recent Basic Skills report debacle. President Maloney responded that a Basic Skills committee meeting is scheduled to begin the communication process. Discussion.
Pedro Ramirez mentioned that COMA (COalition of Mexican American organizations) will meet at Kings School on Nov 19.
Kindra Beale gave an update on the Curriculum Committee.

Clarence Louie provided an updated report comparing the total expended to the budget, year-to-date, for each budget category. SJDCTA is well within budget, in every category.

Steve Schermerhorn reported that the searchable PDF of the Collective Bargaining Agreement is now available online, and linked to both the Human Resources and SJDCTA websites. In addition, numerous edits have been made to the SJDCTA "classic" website (e.g.

3rd VP:
Josie Malik reported on the success she is having in converting "fee payers" to members--seven new members in recent days.

2nd VP:
Bill Ferraiolo gave an update on grievances. Also, there has been an effort to identify an arbitrator (which must be mutually agreed-upon by District and Association).

1st VP:
No (additional) report. See above.

Elizabeth Maloney informed us that there will be informational picketing at CSU East Bay on November 17. (Much more info here: )
SJDCTA will meet on Dec 7, 2-3pm.
SJDCTA Holiday Gathering will be Dec 9. (More details forthcoming!)
Please plan to attend any/all Board of Trustee meetings.

Informational Items:
Delta Psy will have a fund-raiser on Nov 20.
SAVE THE DATE! Bill Ferraiolo and Steve Graham plan to hold a debate on February 16, 2012, on an topic of great social and political import. 

Raffle Winners:
Pedro Ramirez and Jeff Topping.

Adjourned: 2:51pm

Respectfully submitted,
Steve Schermerhorn/Secretary

SJDCTA General Meeting MINUTES
26 Oct 2011
Attendees: Stella Alonzo, JoAnn Cataldo, Marcos Contreras, Shelba Durston, Bill Ferraiolo, Aaron Garner, Sam Hatch, Clarence Louie, Josie Malik, Elizabeth Maloney, Jim McBride, Harry Mersmann, Mario Moreno, Diane Oren, Pedro Ramirez, Sabiha Rizvi, Steve Schermerhorn, Rachel Standish, Wesley Swanson, Janice Takahashi, Jeff Topping, Ed Torres. Absent: Kindra Beale. Visitors: Alejandra Gutierrez (United Farm Workers)

Call to order: 2:01pm

Public Comments:
Alejandra Gutierrez, of the UFW, invited all to an organizing event. Oct 27, 2011, 6:30pm, 609 S Lincoln St. in Stockton.
Stella Alonzo pointed out that in the Contract, p. 60,, there will be 18 FTE (FTE=full time entitlements) counselors and that only 16 are currently employed, and that there are not sufficient part time to make up for the the 2 FTE. Referred to Bill Ferraiolo for follow-up.
Marcos Contreras explained how, in the 1980s, reserves in excess of 5% were taken back by the State from the District. Elizabeth Maloney stated that CCA has resources to assist us in making this argument; Harry Mersmann to investigate. 

10/12/2011 approved unanimously, with one addition (link to Basic Skills report).

Academic Senate President:
Discussion of Flex for part time faculty.
Student Success Task Force documents are in our e-mail--22 recommendations.

Jim McBride reported that SJDCTA's message about the salary grievance is not getting through to the Board. A letter from SJDCTA to the Board is being prepared. An arbitration hearing request would be the next step.

Political Action:
Wes Swanson reported that Sue Savage, CTA's Regional Political Organizer, provided training to us recently. Some discussion on DeltaPAC funding.

Jeff Topping asked about carry-over of flex time from one semester to the next. This is not allowed.
Shelba Durston reported that three nursing faculty are being hired.
Marcos Contreras discussed how the Basic Skills report is a "slap-in-the-face" to faculty.
Josie Malik shared some printed CTA items to promote yourself as a Division Rep.

Planning and Budget: Ed Torres is involved with ASBG budgetary planning.
Cultural Awareness Programs: Pedro Ramirez and Steve Schermerhorn reported on the strong success of the "Sphinx Virtuosi/Imani Winds" program.
Policy and Procedures: Sam Hatch and Marcos Contreras discussed the new Foundation, and the policy that allows it to exist. There are concerns that this Foundation is "heavy" with money, but "light" with responsibility.

Shelba Durston spoke about the many potholes to be found on campus roads.
Stella Alonzo informed us that there are no blue phones near the DiRicco building; they are needed.
Diane Oren reported that she had a 15 minute wait for campus police at 9pm, near the fire station, after a man jumped in front of her car.

Policy review and routing sheet:
Unanimous vote to "move forward" with the policy review/routing sheet project. Sam Hatch recommends that the documents be edited for our local use. Harry Mersmann to bring take these documents through Policy and Procedure process.
Basic Skills report discussion:
Great deal of discussion. Bill Ferraiolo calls the report inaccurate; points out that the Dean of Language/Library/Learning never saw the report. Marcos Contreras and Sam Hatch call into question the quality of the analysis. Marcos calls for firing the administrators who wrote the report. Sam calls for the Office of Institutional Research to interview all the faculty involved. Janice Takahashi wants the concerns (not the faculty the report documents) to be the focus; complaints about the report should be very specific.
A motion is passed unanimously to refer the report back to Academic Senate (for the intellectual aspects) and to SJDCTA (for the contractual aspects) and further action.

Clarence Louie reported that the audit has begun.

No report.

No report

3rd VP:
Josie Malik reports that on November 12, 10a-2p, at Premiere Credit, there will be free document shredding service. More details here:

2nd VP:
Bill Ferraiolo gave an update on grievances. Also mentioned his exploration of censuring Board President Teresa Brown.

1st VP:
Harry Mersmann reported that a Hiring Policy (one policy for all employees) is being considered by the Policy and Procedures committee.

Elizabeth Maloney passed out a copy of the CCA's feedback to the CCC Student Success Task Force recommendations.

Informational Items:
Diane Oren gave an update on the December 2 workshop meeting with President Marsee. The topic of meeting is still not known, but probably will deal with "participatory government."

Raffle Winners:
Jeff Topping.

Adjourned: 3:08pm

Respectfully submitted,
Steve Schermerhorn/Secretary

SJDCTA General Meeting MINUTES
12 Oct 2011

Attendees: Stella Alonzo, Kindra Beale, Joel Beutel, JoAnn Cataldo, Marcos Contreras, Shelba Durston, Bill Ferraiolo, Aaron Garner, Sam Hatch, Clarence Louie, Josie Malik, Elizabeth Maloney, Jim McBride, Harry Mersmann, Diane Oren, Chantel Perales, Pedro Ramirez, Steve Schermerhorn, Wesley Swanson, Jeff Topping. Absent: Scot Martin, Rachel Standish.

Call to order: 2:02pm

Public Comments:
Marcos Contreras recognized President Maloney for her fine speech to the Board of Trustees on October 11.

9/28/2011 minutes accepted unanimously.

Academic Senate
Diane Oren reported on developments in tracking flex time; travel procedures; sensitivity training.
President Oren reviewed a controversial and insulting report from the District to the State concerning basic skills. A link to the report will be sent out. On agenda for next meeting. Much discussion on this matter.

Jim McBride reports there is a meeting planned for Friday October 14 with Human Resources to discuss the salary grievance.

Political Action:
Wes Swanson reports that there is forward motion on the new PAC website.
PAC Training with Sue Savage is planned.

Stella Alonzo reports that the Counselors' Association met. Discussion about interpretations of CBA language.

Policy and Procedure: Harry Mersmann reports that the policy regarding formation of the new Foundation will be out for comment for 30 days, on his recommendation and the committee agreement.
SJDCTA voted unanimously to support a change of procedure (recommended by POA) that changes a Police Sargent to a management position. 
Kindra Beale reports that Curriculum Committee is discussing the Carnegie unit. This lead to much discussion about CurricuNet, working conditions, and NCLB.
Pedro Ramirez gave a review of recent Cultural Awareness Programs activities and successes.

CCA Conference:
CCA opposes AB 515.
Phyllis Hall is CCA's endorsed candidate for CalSTRS Board.

Campus Safety:
Marcos Contreras suggests that a change of location of phones in classrooms (in the corner, away from the door) be considered. Discussion.

No report.

Policy Routing Sheet:
Discussion tabled.

No report.

No report.

3rd VP:
Josie Malik, along with two other part-time members attended CCA conference.

2nd VP:
Bill Ferraiolo gave an update on grievances.

1st VP:
No report.

No report

Informational items:
Max Simoncic's new composition will be premiered by the Stockton Symphony on Nov 10 and 12, 2011. All encouraged to attend.
The ACLU will be on campus on Nov 2, 2011, 11am speaking about the death penalty.
Diane Oren mentioned that the District is planning a Dec 2, 2011 meeting to review shared governance--more details forthcoming.

Future agenda items:
Discussion of SLOAs and policy ramifications.

Raffle Winners:
Stella Alonzo.

Adjourned: 3:25pm

Respectfully submitted,
Steve Schermerhorn/Secretary

SJDCTA General Meeting MINUTES

28 Sept 2011

Attendees: Stella Alonzo, Joel Buetel, Marcos Contreras, Shelba Durston, Bill Ferraiolo, Sam Hatch, Clarence Louie, Josie Malik, Elizabeth Maloney, Jim McBride, Harry Mersmann, Diane Oren, Chantel Perales, Pedro Ramirez, Steve Schermerhorn, Rachel Standish, Wesley Swanson, Jeff Topping, Ed Torres. Excused: Aaron Garner. Visitors: Nicholas Aguirre, Teresa Narez.

Call to order: 2:03pm

Public Comments:
. Shelba Durston requests that SJDCTA discuss quality of campus roads at next meeting: to be added to agenda.
. Marcos Contreras requests that SJDCTA discuss parking ticket procedures and campus safety: to be added to agenda.
. SJDCTA Resolution in support of ASBG in Flea Market passed unanimously in e-vote. Marcos chosen unanimously to present the document at Board. Nick Aguirre recommended that all constituent groups should present their supporting resolutions at Board.
. Sam Hatch presented documents for policy review/routing/sign-off, from the State Academic Senate and State Chancellor's office. These documents would also support accreditation. He suggests that SJDCTA propose the use of these/similar documents here.

. 9/14/2011 minutes accepted unanimously.

. Jim McBride reports that he and President Maloney worked with Dir of HR Dianna Gonzales on September 26 to discuss the salary grievance. A favorable outcome for seems likely before end of 2011.

Political Action:
. Wes Swanson continues the formation of the PAC. Joel Buetel has accepted the position of Webmaster for the PAC. Meetings of the PAC expected to begin in November.

. Stella Alonzo appreciates the report of Treasurer Clarence Louie and the "Board's Eye View" from 1st VP Harry Mersmann.
. Marcos Contreras wants to know how the VP of Administrative Services can possibly be justified by the District.
. Policy and Procedure: Harry Mersmann reports that Academic Senate endorsed a policy that disallows a W after the 8th week. SJDCTA voted 10-1-1 to be neutral on this policy.
. Planning and Budget: Ed Torres reports that the work of the committee is proceeding well.
. Cultural Awareness Programs: Pedro Ramirez reports that "Selling Desire" program is upcoming.

. Clarence Louie reports that the escrow account related to agency fee payer procedures. The independent audit process is moving forward normally.
. Steve Schermerhorn reports that Administration has promised to provide a searchable PDF of the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

. Joel Buetel gave a thorough update on the status of the new SJDCTA website. Unanimous votes each for $50/setup & $30/month for webhosting, and $30/year for domain name (most likely

3rd VP:
. Josie Malik gave an update on CCA.

2nd VP:
. Bill Ferraiolo gave an update on grievances.

1st VP:
. Harry Mersmann led second reading and discussion on proposed By-laws. Much discussion. All agreed that standing rules document is needed soon. Draft unanimously approved.

President: . Elizabeth Maloney presented motions for stipends for PAC chair ($1500/yr), PAC treasurer ($750/yr), One-time PAC website setup ($500); all pass unanimously.
. Motion to spend up to $1000 for video equipment for recording Board meetings. Pass unanimously.
. The proposed District calendar was presented. Vote of unanimous support.

Raffle Winners:
. Shelba Durston and Pedro Ramirez.

Adjourned: 3:07pm

Respectfully submitted,
Steve Schermerhorn/Secretary

SJDCTA General Meeting MINUTES
14 Sept 2011

Attendees: Stella Alonzo, Joel Buetel, JoAnn Cataldo, Marcos Contreras, Shelba Durston, Bill Ferraiolo, Aaron Garner, Sam Hatch, Clarence Louie, Josie Malik, Elizabeth Maloney, Jim McBride, Harry Mersmann, Diane Oren, Pedro Ramirez, Steve Schermerhorn, Rachel Standish, Wesley Swanson, Janice Takahasi, & Jeff Topping.

Call to order: 2:01pm

Public Comments:
Marcos Contreras requested the flea market discussion be brought to the start of the meeting. Contreras made motion that SJDCTA should release a letter in support of ASB in regards to the issue. 2nd by Stella Alonzo. Motion passed unanimously. Contreras will draft language asap.

Minutes from 8/24/2011 accepted with corrections.

California Casualty Insurance representative Angie Rajczyk made a presentation. This company is CTA's preferred insurance vendor.

Academic Senate: Diane Oren commented on the previous night's Board of Trustees meeting.

Negotiations: Jim McBride will meet with HR on Sept 19. Anticipates finalizing the parity pay issue, which effects 48 faculty.

PAC: Wes Swanson is working to select PAC committee members. He is working on the PAC website. We must get membership on community organizations now. The 2012 BoT election will remain "at large." The new area maps will be released well before the election.

Flex was discussed. Diane Oren mentioned that e-forms are being worked on now. Do a paper form now for planning and transfer that info to the e-form when available. Flex-eligible activities for this year need to have occurred between July 1, 2011 and May 31, 2012.

Treasurer. Clarence Louie made a motion to accept the proposed $79K budget for 2011/12. 2nd by Shelba Durston (and many others). Passed unanimously.

Secretary. Steve Schermerhorn commented that he is about 1/3 complete with the first newsletter of the year.

Webmaster. Joel Buetel reported that he is at work on the new website. See his progress here: Launch date for the new site should be approximately November 1, 2011. (In the meantime, the old SJDCTA website will be kept up-to-date by Steve Schermerhorn.)

3rd VP. Josie Malik discussed the latest information on Part Time Agency Fee payers. She is also working on a grant for member workshops.

2nd VP. Bill Ferraiolo gave an concise update on several grievances.

1st VP. Harry Mersmann gave overview of Board Meeting. He presented draft bylaws for 1st reading. Three main changes: 1) Past-president not on e-board 2) Elect Division reps and Officers in different years 3) 1 rep per 35 members. Policy and Procedure ideas mentioned: Parking; Mountain House. Harry will be sending out a "Board's Eye View" report of the Board of Trustees meetings via e-mail.

President. Elizabeth Maloney announced several campus committee appointments. Reminder: SJDCTA open house (Friday, 9/16/2011). All delegate seats for CCA October conference filled.

Informational items. Pedro Ramirez gave an update on several upcoming campus and community cultural events. Sam Hatch gave his perspective on how SJDCTA should deal with matters that go before the Board of Trustees.

Drawing winners: Shelba Durston and Stella Alonzo.

Next meeting: Wednesday, September 28, 2011. 2pm

Adjourned: 3:17pm

SJDCTA General Meeting MINUTES (approved with revisions)

24 August 2011 (First meeting of the year)

Attendees: Rachel Standish, Stella Alonzo, Diana Fernandes Lisi, Clarence Louie, Elizabeth Maloney, Harry Mersmann, Jim McBride, Marcos Contreras, Janice Takahasi, Kindra Beale, Jeff Topping, Josie Malik, Chantel Perales, JoAnn Cataldo, Joel Buetel, Wesley Swanson, Sam Hatch, Dan Flores, Sabiha Rizvi, Steve Schermerhorn, Shelba Durston and Bill Ferraiolo.

Call to order: 2:00pm
Academic Senate Update: Diane Oren stated that the Academic Senate will meet on September 7, 2011, 3:30pm. She is in the process of finalizing committee assignments.

Negotiations: Jim McBride reported that there has been progress in the salary grievance, and that a 5% or greater salary increase for 2010/11 seemed likely.

PAC: Wes Swanson pointed out that the same 4 seats that our PAC worked on in 2008 are up for election in 2012. The PAC is working on whether to endorse any of the incumbents, and will have new candidates (as needed) selected very early. Wes pointed out that population is quite unequally distributed among the existing District areas, and that change is being discussed by the Board. Wes mentioned that SJ County Board of Ed has been advised that area elections are strongly advised.

Rachel Standish mentioned the topic rollover of flex hours.
Marcos Contreras wanted SJDCTA to take a stand in support of ASBG in regards to the Flea Market situation. To be agendized for next meeting. Marcos also reported that he is the advisor of the new ACLU chapter @ Delta College.

Treasurer. Clarence Louie presented the Treasurer's Report. The anticipated revenue for 2011/12 is ~$78K.

Secretary. Steve Schermerhorn mentioned that he and Joel Buetel attended the CTA Institute at UCLA. Newsletters (paper and electronic) are planned to come out monthly. We want to understand which electronic communications tools are most wanted our members and use them.

Webmaster. Joel Buetel discussed his plan for a new website for SJDCTA, running on Drouple; he plans to have a demo site up by next meeting.

3rd VP. Josie Malik discussed the latest information on Part Time Agency Fee payers, and Flex commitment for Part Time. She will attend the CTA State Council meeting, on October 21-23.

2nd VP. Bill Ferraiolo. Numerous confidential grievances are in process. The salary adjustment grievance may be on the path to a successful resolution. Parity pay issues have been resolved and will result in payments to those who worked in Spring 2010.

1st VP. Harry Mersmann. Presented draft bylaws. Policy and Procedure ideas mentioned: Parking; Mountain House. Harry will be sending out a “Board's Eye View” report of the Board of Trustees meetings via e-mail.

President. Elizabeth Maloney mentioned that Joel Buetel was appointed as SJDCTA webmaster and Jeff Topping as SJDCTA Adjunct Representative. She will be talking to a possible appointee to be the Division rep for Fine Arts.
Alan Frey was here on August 10, 2011 to provide training on the Brown Act. The District will receive Brown Act training (from a source other than Frey) on September 13, 2011, 1-4pm.
100 more “We Are One” t-shirts are on order.
Holt 244 is the new SJDCTA office suite. Phone: 954-5226. There will be an attempt to have an Association representative in the office during most weekday times. There will be an Open House on Friday, September 16, 2011.
The CCA conference is October 7-9, at the Sacramento Doubletree.
Elizabeth will be attending the CCA Board meeting, September 9-10.
She reminds everyone that Faculty Clerical Services is a contractually defined service, and to make use of their services.

The winners of this meeting's door prize are: Chantel Perales, Kindra Beale and Marcos Contreras. A Java Jitters gift certificate was awarded to each.
Informational Items:
Dan Flores made a presentation on CalRTA (Retired Teachers Association) and encouraged members to attend an August 26, 2011 of the organization in Stockton.
Pedro Ramirez will march with the United Farm Workers on August 29 @ 8am, and welcomes company.
Next meeting: Wednesday, September 14, 2011. 2pm
Adjourned: 3:05pm
Respectfully submitted,
Steve Schermerhorn/Secretary

CTA Executive Council Meeting, February 24, 2010 
Convened: 3:30 pm, Mustang Room 
Attendance: Sam Hatch, Lynn Hawley, Steve Schermerhorn, Josie Malik, Rocky LaJeunesse, Evelyn Chapman, Liz Maloney, Jennie Noriega, JoAnn Cataldo, Scott Bowen, Shelba Durston, Pedro Ramirez 

Public Comments: Sam Hatch commented on his progress on getting emergency sick leave benefits for adjunct faculty. 

Minutes: No minutes for last two meetings – meetings cancelled due to lack of a quorum Urgent Issues: Sam Hatch moved that bargaining team iron out an MOU with the District team about including adjunct faculty in the emergency sick leave bank. Passed unanimously. Long discussion about bargaining strategy for this year. No sunshining has taken place yet. Moved that with all previous MOUs incorporated, advise negotiating team to sunshine the current contract for 3 years without opening the contract. Unanimously passed. 

1st VP – Policy and Procedure discussion about what happened when a student complained about a faculty member. Panel member told faculty they couldn’t speak in their own defense. Jeff Hislop took the complaint to Janice Takahashi and Trudy Walton to find out how faculty member on the panel got there. Could end up as a grievance against Karen Anderson or VP Walton. Steve Schermerhorn is working with Stacy Pinola to find larger office space for CTA. 

2nd VP – Liz Maloney has lots of grievances but a lot of settlements pending as well and reported VP Brown is overwhelmed now that he is also running Business Services department. Membership – JoAnn Cataldo reported we have 224 fulltime faculty members, 10 fee-payers. We have 267 part-time faculty (195 members, 72 fee-payers). JoAnn sent another letter to HR about their legal responsibility to provide member information to the union. Vince Brown apologized and said he would fix it ASAP. 

Secretary/PAC – No newsletter yet – suggested one should come out after the Black Thursday rally scheduled for March 4th. Discussion about finding candidates for Ted Simas board seat – Sam suggested a press release to the Manteca Bulletin. 

Treasurer – Clarence absent but in the officers’ meeting he reported the audit is complete! President’s Report – Jeff absent (Steve Schermerhorn presiding) 

Future Agenda Items 

A. March 4th, Black Thursday march to Delta and candlelight vigil – faculty encouraged to wear black on that day. 

Adjourned 4:45 p.m. 
Next meeting is scheduled for March 10th, 3:30 p.m. in the Mustang Room 

CTA Executive Council Meeting, October 28, 2009
Convened: 3:30 pm, Mustang Room
Attendance: Lynn Hawley, Steve Schermerhorn, Clarence Louie, Josie Malik, Rocky LaJeunesse, JoAnn Cataldo, Shelba Durston, Wes Swanson, Scott Bowen, Sam Hatch, Liz Maloney, Kindra Beale, Scot Martin, Janice Takahashi, Jennie Noriega
Public Comments: Phil Hutcheon presented a handout on academic calendar reform.
Minutes: Minutes for 10/14/09 unanimously accepted with a name change.
Urgent Issues: None
Academic Senate: 
Janice Takahashi working with Liz concerning AB7211 (FSAs, disciplines and minimum qualifications.) She believed we’re all on the same page now. She’s meeting with HR to shore up the forms which will then go through Academic Senate then on to Policy and Procedure. Liz said we are using those draft forms now. Steve asked if there was anyplace to access FSA list. Janice noted the problems – there is no list in the current contract and there are two different lists, one from 2002 contract and one in the Board book. We have to update FSA and discipline lists and put it in an appendix in the upcoming contract. 
Joann said CCA wants a list of hire dates for all faculty right now. Liz reported that the problem with that request is many colleges have one FSA and your hire date is your seniority ranking. We have many FSAs and hire date is not sufficient information to determine seniority here at Delta. We’ve been advised by CTA to not sign anything about FSAs until the list is correct because we don’t want to have it used against us later.
Janice said Ed Code has Feb. 15th as the deadline for declaring a discipline in a RIF situation. In order to get rid of fulltime instructors, the college would have to lay off a couple of hundred adjuncts. Rocky asked about RIF versus program discontinuance.
Janice also reported that Matt Wetstein presented a policy at President’s Council having to do with policies that conflict with existing contracts. Janice was the only faculty member there so she represented CTA and voted against the proposed policy. She reminded the Council how important it was to have a CTA representative at that meeting.
Janice also reminded everyone about the November 30th shared governance training of the Board and invited faculty to attend it as well.
– Clarence said he was getting ready for the audit in November and that our chapter had not received our share of the dues yet from mother CTA.
– Lynn reported on making public information requests for management salary data and some of the work to produce reports from that database. Next newsletter will go out in early November and so will non-tenured faculty package containing information about tenure process.
– Nothing to report.
Negotiations –
Jim and CTA team met with VP Brown about healthcare benefits and prescription cost changes. Brown promised to call CVT and complain and promised to report back in two weeks. Jim met with Brown yesterday about negotiations timeline and was handed a report on an annuity program for potential retirees. We want STRS golden handshake but we’ve been told that’s not possible and it’s too pricey. I thought it was informational only but now told we can veto this plan. This is a cheaper way to go for them. We told Vince we need time to look at this. Discussion about annuity plan ensued.
– JoAnn reported she was going through feepayer list.
1st VP 
– nothing to report
3rd VP –
Josie reported that she and Liz Maloney had just returned from State council and one of the new business items was to support a law for healthcare insurance for part-time faculty.
2nd VP –
Liz reported there were several grievances. She also reported she had been appointed to the Legislative committee for CCA.
President’s Report –
meeting with CSEA leadership before last board meeting. Liz reported that we met to work out some differences and present a more united front to the board.
Old Business –
Discussion about vote of no confidence for Dr. Rodriguez and management stipend issue.
New Business –
Academic Calendar Change –
Sam suggested that we quantify savings in calendar reform. Discussion about other cost-saving suggestions. Shelba reported that Nursing faculty and students had real problems with schedule reform. Janice wondered if schedule went to long Monday through Thursday, how would this affect faculty’s ability or willingness to engage in shared governance.
Future Agenda Items –
A. Response to management stipend issue
B. Calendar Reform (Phil Hutcheon)
C. Budget Cost-Savings list
D. Golden Handshake
Adjourned 5:12 p.m.
Next meeting November 12th, location TBA

CTA Executive Council Meeting, October 14, 2009
3:30 pm, Mustang Room
: Jeff Hislop, Lynn Hawley, Steve Schermerhorn, Clarence Louie, Josie Malik, Rocky LaJeunesse, JoAnn Cataldo, Julie Kay, Wes Swanson, Scott Bowen, Sam Hatch, Liz Maloney, Kindra Beale
Public Comments
: Steve Schermerhorn thanks Liz for her hard work as grievance chair.
Minutes for 9/23/09 unanimously accepted with date change.
Urgent Issues
: Issue of prescription drug coverage – Jeff reported that Vince Brown believes we are bound by CVT rules. Board President Castellanos said he wants a meeting between union leaders and administrators on this issue. Union can demand to bargain on this issue.
Academic Senate
: Janice Takahashi absent
– Lynn asked for conference pictures from anyone who attended last CCA conference. She has typed up and sent Jim McBride all negotiation notes from the last two years. She’s currently putting together information from the last faculty survey.
– Clarence had nothing to report. He has to file the annual PERB report and has received some reimbursement from CTA for last year’s crisis activities.
– Lynn reported on trustee luncheon with Jennet Stebbins. Union leadership now interested in arranging a meeting with Simas and Rivera who are up for re-election next year.
Negotiations – Jim absent. Union’s position is that public information request about management compensation has to be fulfilled before we will go back to the table. Sam Hatch passed out information on management stipends – discussion ensured about what to do for the next Board meeting on October 20th.
– JoAnn reported that three people out of 115 responded to the invitation to change their status from fee payer to member.
1st VP
– Steve reported on the discipline policy, which came back to the committee and looks better. New version has strong elements for faculty throughout the process. Joe Bisson likes the new version. Steve also did research on Ed Code and program discontinuance. Kindra Beale commented on her research and found Delta College’s definition of program. Basic Skills doesn’t qualify as a program under college’s definition. She argued we need clarification of how courses are labeled. Steve said new policy on 67% rule (adjuncts working 2/3 of a full load moving forward (this is in response to Ed Code change.)
3rd VP
– Liz reported that at the February CTA conference in San Diego there will be a full day of part-time issues workshops (Feb. 6 th. ) There is also legislation being proposed by CCA about adjunct seniority.
2nd VP
– Liz reported there were several grievances being settled but new ones coming!
Old Business
Division Reps. Steve reported that Kindra Beale agreed to represent Science and Math and Jeff said he would appoint her. Still looking for PERA and Family and Childhood Education.
New Business
FSA Plan – 
Liz Maloney reported that every fulltime instructor would be contacted by email and maybe letter too by the end of October by Human Resources. Instructors are being asked to declare what FSA you think you have and what disciplines you think you have. Liz, Jan Williams in HR and Academic Senate will then sort it out. They are currently working off the 2002 FSA list, which is not complete. There is a pile of FSAs from 2002-03 that still hasn’t been dealt with. Contract reads that reductions in force (RIFs) are based on seniority, FSAs and disciplines. The plan with Human Resources is that every new hire will have FSA and all disciplines listed and the board will approve any new FSAs and disciplines. The message that is going out on email to full-time faculty will have links to a list of FSAs and disciplines so you can find minimum qualifications. Everyone receiving the message is encouraged to list all the FSAs and disciplines they believe they qualify for and HR will sort it out.
Cuts in Basic Skills – 
Jeff addressed this issue, saying it was the right of management under our contract to schedule courses. As long as members are getting their full loads, there is noting CTA can do about it. This is an Academic Senate issue and the Trustees see these cuts in courses as a done deal. Liz will make sure that every full-time faculty member is getting 15 units every semester.
Vote of No Confidence in Pres. Rodriguez –
Jeff urged the members not to proceed just yet, saying it would ‘muddy the waters.’ Rodriguez is on alert now so let’s table this until after the next Board meeting.
Sam reported on catalog rights, passing out a handout. In his conversation with Jack Saunders, he stated that he thinks this has to do with graduation rights and certificate rights and would not apply to Basic Skills classes.
Future Agenda Items –
A. Response to management stipend issue
B. Calendar Reform (Phil Hutcheon)
C. No confidence vote on Dr. Rodriguez
D. Meetings in November/December?
Adjourned 4:57 p.m.
Next meeting October 28, 2009

CTA Executive Council Meeting, Sept. 23, 2009

Convened: 3:30 pm, Mustang Room

Attendance: Jeff Hislop, Lynn Hawley, Steve Schermerhorn, Clarence Louie, Josie Malik, Rocky LaJeunesse, Janice Takahashi, JoAnn Cataldo, Shelba Durston Wes Swanson, Scott Bowen, Evelyn Chapman, Sam Hatch, Liz Maloney, Kindra Beale, Kasey Gardner

Public Comments: Kindra Beale spoke on elimination of Basic Skills classes. Open letter from ESL department handed around

Minutes: Minutes for 8/26/09 unanimously accepted.

Urgent Issues: We’ve been asked back to the table. Should be a short meeting with Jeff Hislop and Jim McBride meeting with VP Brown.

Academic Senate: Janice is working on roughing out a procedure on FSAs and would like to write an article and attach policy. CTA negotiates FSAs and Liz is working on that list. Last FSA schedule was in 2002 contract and Janice said there is a slightly different version in the Board book. Janice also commented on program discontinuance policy. The last policy put forward was ‘burned’ so Academic Senate is working on a rewrite. She argued Senate and CTA should work together on this.

Secretary – Lynn reported newsletter would be going out shortly and working to organize negotiation notes for Jim McBride.

Treasurer – Clarence handed out revenue report from April 1 to August 31 and the year-end report (Sept. 1 – Aug. 31, 2009) He then presented the proposed budget for the upcoming year. Discussion about line items, motion was made to accept the budget and passed unanimously.

PAC/Organizing – Lynn reported she organized the luncheon with Trustee Brown, which went very well and is now organizing lunch with Trustee Stebbins.

Membership – JoAnn reported that the new payroll system was screwing up HR’s ability to figure out who works here. Liz and JoAnn are working on bargaining unit reports for each semester but HR needs a new subprogram to generate this report. Chair made a motion to send letter to Academic Senate asking why full-time positions have not been replaced. Motion voted on and passed.

1st VP – Steve reported on the discipline policy, which is moving very slowly through the process. He continues to support Joe Bisson’s position on this policy change. He also noted we still need reps from certain divisions (FACE, Science and Math, Fine Arts) Shelba asked about rumors that FACE would be ‘disassembled.’ Liz said that VP Hart was looking at a re-org of divisions and would bring a plan in the next month or two to the Board for consideration. Discussion about the lack of a program discontinuance policy – Sam asked about student catalog rights, Jeff said he would check Ed Code.

3rd VP – Pres. assigned Josie to Grievance Resolution team due to an increase in adjunct grievances. Josie reported that is working with JoAnn to reduce the number of fee payers.

2nd VP – Liz reported there were several grievances in the hopper, some with positive outcomes expected soon.

President’s Report
Jeff reported that he met with Dr. Rodriguez about VPs’ actions. Met with Board President Castellanos and talked about rumors concerning his relationship with Dr. Rodriguez. Met with other trustees as well. At the trustee lunch with Dr. Brown he thought she was ‘focused and grounded.’ Question about the purpose of the lunches. Lynn argued that these are part of the board communication program to keep the lines of communication open and dispel negative impression of CTA that board members often form. Trustee Stebbins is up next – Evelyn Chapman said she would attend. Lynn said she would send a card to Trustee Cox whose husband is having serious health issues. Janice commented that the communication with trustees needs to be targeted.

New Business –

Climate control issues in offices and labs - Jeff commented this was about construction around campus and some buildings being less efficient

Food at meetings – potluck or catered? Jeff and Lynn will bring food for the next meeting.

Future Agenda Items –

A. FSAs and cuts in Basic Skills
B. No confidence vote in Dr. Rodriguez
C. Ed Code and student catalog rights associated with program discontinuance

Adjourned 5:10 p.m.
Next meeting Oct. 14, 2009

CTA Executive Council Meeting, August 26, 2009

Convened: 3:30 pm, Mustang Room

Attendance: Jeff Hislop, Lynn Hawley, Steve Schermerhorn, Clarence Louie, Josie Malik, Rocky LaJeunesse, Jeff Topping, Janice Takahashi, Jennie Noriega, JoAnn Cataldo, Jim McBride, Shelba Durston

Public Comments: Question about Brown Act requirement for union meetings

Minutes: Minutes for 7/01/09 unanimously accepted.

Academic Senate: Policy on Student Conduct not revised. VP Walton said she’d come back with a new version and hasn’t yet. Joe Bisson sent out an email about student discipline policy. Janice also noted there was no policy in place about program discontinuance. Delta doesn’t have a good policy in place to declare additional disciplines. Janice said it was especially important for adjuncts to declare as many disciplines as possible and there are deadlines for each semester.

Secretary – Lynn reported that the newsletter is going out by end of the month on faculty email rather than printing hard copies for distribution. This is a more effective way of reaching adjunct faculty - many had reported they were not receiving CTA newsletters.

Treasurer – August 31st is the end of the fiscal year and Clarence is getting ready for the annual audit. He will put together a summary of expenditures and propose a budget for next year. He needs everyone’s receipts. He has spoken to Linda Martin about grant money that is still owed to the chapter and she promised she’d move the receipts forward. Clarence answered questions about reimbursements for release time and other expenses.

PAC/Organizing – Lynn reported it was not too soon to do things to influence the board and tying activities into negotiations. Will start organizing trustee lunches

Membership – JoAnn reported that we don’t know how many faculty we have yet – we have to wait until the payroll report. Then we can send out membership applications to non-members.

1st VP – Steve updated election results on the SJDCTA website. He wants to work more closely with Joe Bisson on the Policy and Procedures committee – the first meeting is in about a week. He is also updated the faculty listserv.

3rd VP – Josie reported that she and Liz wrote a grant to have an adjunct luncheon for the first time and the president of CCA, Ron Reel, attended. The event went very well (sent out 450 invitations.)

2nd VP – Jeff reported that he has been working with Liz all summer. Liz has been very busy all summer with several grievances. Jeff still involved in tenure cases and MOUs from his term as grievance chair.

President’s Report

Jeff reported there was an interesting Board of Trustees meeting last night. They talked about a ‘organizational review’ (Re-Org) which was not in compliance with policy or shared governance. EOPS and DSPS was combined. Admin. wanted the Board vote THEN said they’d run it by shared governance committees. Board voted for it. Jon Stephens did a budget update – 200 sections will be cut in Spring 2010. Divisions are locked out of scheduling on Sept. 9th. The Board was told that the “remaining’ employee groups will get called and asked for ‘concessions.’ Rivera and Cox voted against ‘re-org’ because it violated Board policy 2500 and Ed Code. There was a discussion about the middle school deal.

Old Business

President’s Conference – Two VPS (Maloney and Malik) and Jeff Hislop attended. A large number of CCA presidents attended. Ron Reel talked about breaking out the CCA group to have its own conference. The Fall Conference is coming up.

New Business –

Negotiations Chair – Jeff Hislop is still the chair and we need a new one. Jeff nominated Jim McBride, seconded. Unanimous vote in favor.

Health Benefits – Vince Brown announced CVT has changed the way it does drug portion. Brown said it’s non-negotiable but this is a change in our contractual benefits. Questions about how this new policy would impact faculty.

Budget Cuts – multiple issues coming up in the Planning and Budget committee. VP Hart is bringing alternatives for summer session to that committee.

Future Agenda Items – Climate control issues in offices and labs.

Jim McBride addressed the meeting to talk about his negotiations plan.

Steve Schermerhorn noted that there are divisions that don’t have reps yet.

Adjourned 5:07 p.m. 

CTA Executive Council Meeting, September 10, 2008

Convened:  3:30 pm, Shima 206

Present:   Joe Gonzales, Lynn Hawley, Steve Schermerhorn, Jeff Topping, Harry Mersmann, Wes Swanson, Marcos Contreras, Scott Bowen, JoAnn Cataldo, Lilia Becerra, Paul Ustach, Clarence Louie, Jeff Hislop, Mary Amezquita, Sam Hatch, Duane Wright, Randy Gaines, Maggie Thomas, Jim McBride, Nelson Nagai, Julie Kay, Melissa Beeson-Holmes, Diana Lisi, Janice Takahashi

Public Comments – Sam commended the work of the Interview committee.

Treasurer – No report

Secretary – Minutes from 8/27 meeting unavailable


New Business

Recommendations Committee report and vote - Wes Swanson reported on the candidate interviews and presented the four recommendations of the committee to the Executive council. A quorum was noted. Extensive discussion followed. The Executive Council voted to support the following candidates:


Area 1 – James Grunsky

Area 2 – Mary Ann Cox

Area 5 – Steve Castellanos

Area 6 – Teresa Brown Meeting adjourned 6:00 p.m. - Next meeting Sept. 24, 2008 


CTA Executive Council Meeting, August 27, 2008

Convened:  3:30 pm, Shima 206

Present:   Joe Gonzales, Lynn Hawley, Steve Schermerhorn, Jeff Topping, Harry Mersmann, Lisa Perez, Wes Swanson, Bob Rennicks, Stella Alonzo, Marcos Contreras, Scott Bowen, Ron Reel, Alan Frey, June Gillam, JoAnn Cataldo, Lilia Becerra, Paul Ustach, Clarence Louie, Jeff Hislop, Evelyn Chapman, Mary Amezquita, Ron Payne, Sam Hatch

Minutes from 8/20/08 meeting approved

Public Comments – Sam Hatch said membership needs ‘consciousness-raising’ and need to ask more of them for events like leafleting neighborhoods. Joe Gonzales introduced Ron Reel and Alan Frey and announced the next CCA conference is Oct 10 and 11 in San Francisco.



1st VP – No report. First Policy and Procedure meeting will not be held for a few weeks.

2nd VP – Jeff Hislop reported there have been more grievances filed recently. Negotiations – nothing to report since Dr. Rodriguez is out of town. Jeff felt that there might be some pressure from the Board of Trustees to settle the contract.

Treasurer – No report

Secretary – August newsletter is in mailboxes

Academic Senate – No report

Membership – JoAnn reported she still didn’t have all full-timers yet.


New Business

Appointment of Candidate Recommendations Committee – Wes Swanson (Chair) announced the selection of Stella Alonzo, Jim McBride, Manual Camacho, and Evelyn Chapman to the interview committee. After some clarification, Wes will send letters to everyone running for in the trustee races and interviews will be held in Wes’ home. Interviews will be scheduled for Tuesday-Friday of the first week of September in 45 minute time slots. Joe G. then announced that the Interview Committee will report to the Executive Council at the next meeting (September 10th) when the council will vote on whether or not to endorse the recommended candidates.

PAC Report – Lynn reported on the PAC meeting agenda for tomorrow

Organizing Committee Report – JoAnn said the strike headquarters issue was up to them – Bob Yates is not doing it. They have five sites identified but all cost a lot of money. Organizing Committee got a grant from CTA of over $13,000 and another $7,000 is supposed to come from General Funds for a total of approximately almost $21,000. Supposed to determine one-on-one training and how much to pay the team members. There was some discussion of this.

Vote of No Confidence in President Rodriguez – Marcos Contreras moved that we hold the vote, Jeff Hislop seconded. Discussion and questions about strategy and the time/energy involved. Sam suggested we do a draft resolution and then decide on timing. Joe G. set up a committee of Marcos, Sam, Jeff H. to formulate a draft resolution. Ron Reel suggested reversing the question – how many faculty members feel confident about Rodriguez’ leadership?


Other – CTA will host a faculty forum before our next Executive Council meeting from 2-3 p.m. o Sept. 10th. Lynn volunteered to find the place. Particular concern about inviting untenured faculty.

Sam asked if adjunct faculty can join the Sick Leave Bank. He said the form explicitly excludes them.



Meeting adjourned 5:05 p.m. - Next meeting Sept. 24, 2008 


CTA Executive Council Meeting, August 20, 2008

Convened:  3:30 pm, Shima 206

Present:   Joe Gonzales, Lynn Hawley, Steve Schermerhorn, Jim McBride, Jeff Topping Harry Mersmann, Lisa Perez, Wes Swanson, Janice Takahashi, Paul Ustach, Clarence Louie, Jeff Hislop, Evelyn Chapman, Mary Amezquita, Anna Johnson, Ron Payne, Julie Kay, Randy Gaines

Minutes from 5/14/08 meeting approved

Public Comments – Harry Mersmann passed our ‘faculty survival guide’ flyers produced by the Organizing Committee. Jeff Hislop commented on Sam Hatch’s hard work. Jeff Topping commented on the strike language flyer at CTA lunch. Jeff Topping suggested the strike flyer at adjunct one-on-ones.



1st VP – Steve reported on listserv discussion on faculty parking. Next Policy and Procedure meeting not for a few weeks. Concerns about adjuncts finding parking.

2nd VP – Jeff Hislop reported on pending grievances. Negotiations – CTA called back to the table today and met approximately 10 minutes with District. Nowhere near a contract settlement but did contact legal staff of CCA and spoke to a Board member as a constituent to express my concerns. Took questions from council about ‘regressive bargaining.’

Treasurer – Clarence stated August 31 is end of fiscal year – will give final budget report and a tentative budget for next year. This summer a separate bank account was opened for the PAC – funds have to be kept separate from general funds.

Secretary – New newsletter will be out next week.

Academic Senate – Janice commented that Aug. 11 and 12 flexdays occurred before contractual language start date – can’t be counted for 08/09 flex days which is confusing to some faculty. Accreditation commission wants SLO information to be in our evaluations – Janice argued SLOs should be a curriculum issue not an evaluation issue. Joe G. said CTA stance is that the commission’s job is not to tell administrators how to evaluate faculty.


New Business

Vote on Recommendations Committee Standing Rules – Stand alone rules outlining how official candidate recommendations will be handled by our chapter. Passed unanimously. Some discussion about research into candidates’ backgrounds. Wes Swanson volunteered to be the Chair of the Recommendations Committee.

PAC Report – Lynn Hawley gave report on summer activities of the DELTAPAC and outlined what the Pac will be doing over the next few weeks of the campaign. Currently there are 13 candidates running for 4 seats.

Organizing Committee Report – Steve S. reported 170 people on faculty listserv. One on one training sessions will start soon. T-shirt Tuesdays will start next Tuesday. Planning informational leafleting in incumbent candidates’ neighborhoods.

Sam Hatch commented that DELTAPAC needs a place in CTA office to archive their material.


Meeting adjourned 5:01 p.m. - Next meeting August 27, 2008 


CTA Executive Council Meeting, May 14, 2008


Convened:  3:30 pm, Shima 218

Present:   Joe Gonzales, Lynn Hawley, Steve Schermerhorn, Jim McBride, Jeff Topping, JoAnn Cataldo, Harry Mersmann, Lisa Perez, Wes Swanson, Janice Takahashi, Scott Bowen, Paul Ustach, Sam Hatch, , Clarence Louie, Rocky LaJeunesse, Jeff Hislop, Jane Dominik, Marcos Contreras, Melissa Beeson-Holmes, Scot Martin, Yolanda Calderon, Evelyn Chapman, Dean Danielson, Roger Waller

Minutes from 4/23/08 meeting approved

Public Comments – Marcos Contreras requested that the agenda be changed to move up the Vote of No Confidence in the Board of Trustees. Voted and so moved.



Academic Senate – Voiced concern about the hiring process of the VP of Human Resources with regard to violation of tenure and entitlement process. Questioned whether this could be grieved (Joe Gonzales reported the grievance was already started) Janice further stated her concern with the Board and management not following their own policies.

1st VP – Steve reported on the Crisis Committee. Spoke about the end phase of the postcard event to Trustees’ homes. Now in the middle stages of the commencement event. He also showed the Council the and reported on working with the ASBG.


2nd VP – Jeff Hislop reported that the CTA negotiating team was called back to the table last month – scheduled 6 meetings but offered the same contract as was offered on 3/12/08. Grievances – there are a significant number, some at the President level, some at lawyer level, some at 1st level. The next phase of negotiations will be meeting for two days with the factfinding panel, scheduled early next semester. Speculated District may bring in new VP of Business to negotiations. In response to questions, Jeff stated that the agreement was that the teams would meet on May 12th but Vince Brown cancelled the remaining negotiation sessions. Also took questions about requiring a doctor’s note for missing graduation.

Treasurer – Clarence presented report covering period 3/1/08 to 4/30/08 and a report on the budget for the Crisis Committee

Secretary – New newsletter would be in mailboxes this Friday.

Membership – JoAnn received an award at the WHO Conference. JoAnn also announced plans to have a CTA attorney come to campus to speak about strikes.

Approval of Summer Spending - earmarked $20,000 for that and $13,062 spent so far. Clarence will report on any summer expenditures at the next meeting.

Question about Staff Appreciation Day May 27th BBQ – are we picketing the event? Joe G. said he heard not heard about plans to do that. Rocky mentioned Steve Castellanos had just filed to run for Parises seat in District #6 and suggested we have him come speak on the 27th as a competing event. Steve S. moved to make Rocky liaison to Castellanos to organize a ‘meet and greet’ with the candidate. Motion approved. Joe suggested 11-1:30 time with a lunch provided.

Vote of No Confidence – A draft of the vote was passed out. Joe G. stated that this vote had originally been planned against the President and the Board of Trustees but now only against Board. Joe asked the Council since President Rodriguez was not going to Riverside if they wanted to include President in the vote? Harry Mersman made a motion to include the President, seconded by Marcos Contreras. Discussion of the motion included comments on timing, the content of the Draft and whether the entire Board should be included or only some Trustees. Questions were also asked about how the vote would be done and how the final vote would be reported to the public. Joe called for a quorum then called for a vote on the motion – should we issue a vote of no confidence. Council voted yes. Next vote – should we issue a vote of no confidence against the Board. Council voted yes. Next vote – should we issue a vote of no confidence against President Rodriguez and the Board? Council voted no.


Adjourned 5:35 p.m.



CTA Executive Council Meeting, April 23, 2008

Convened: 3:30 pm, Shima 218

Present: Joe Gonzales, Lynn Hawley, Steve Schermerhorn, Jim McBride, Jeff Topping, JoAnn Cataldo, Harry Mersmann, Lisa Perez, Wes Swanson, Janice Takahashi, Lynn Welch, Scott Bowen, Paul Ustach, Ramon Sewnath, Sam Hatch, Manuel Camacho, Clarence Louie, Rocky LaJeunesse

Minutes from 4/09/08 meeting approved

Public Comments – Sam Hatch passed out a packet of stories from local media about Delta College and its Board of Trustees.


1st VP – Policy and Procedure committee is not moving forward with travel policy for the time being because the subject is hung up in contract negotiations. The main issue of concern is travel between Stockton campus and satellite campuses.

2nd VP – absent. Joe Gonzales gave a grievance report on a number of grievances going forward.

Adjunct – no report

Academic Senate – Thursday, May 1st will be an open Planning and Budget meeting to vote on the 4 Asst. VP positions. Tracy campus opening delayed again – now Board is saying Spring of 2009. There is a question about faculty who transferred to Tracy and whether they will be compensated for travel if they have to go back and forth from Stockton to Tracy. Janice also commented there were a lot of problems with disciplines and minimum qualifications.

Crisis Committee – There is a detailed action plan for activities over the next few months. Diana Lisa of CTA requested faculty attend the next meeting to finalize plans. Joe Gonzales will start picketing outside campus on Pacific Avenue tomorrow – TTh 12:30 and MWF 1:30

Picketing is scheduled for April 30th – meet at the Koi pond at 11:45. Crisis committee also needs science instructors to talk about what happened to the new science labs we were promised. A Teach-in is scheduled for May1 from 11:30-12:30 on the President’s Patio.


Joe reported on a reclassification meeting he attended concerning 4 new Asst. VP positions – Joe recommended ‘executive dean’ rather than ‘asst. vp’ but the committee voted 4-2 in favor of the asst. vp designation. Rich Peralta, interim VP of Human Resources, commented in the meeting that it was inappropriate to reclassify management positions with contract negotiations going on.

Joe also discussed previous Board of Trustees meeting and bond issues. He will send out email about date and time of Planning and Budget committee meeting.

Adjourned 4:40 p.m.

CTA Executive Council Meeting, April 9, 2008

Convened: 3:30 pm, Shima 218

Present: Joe Gonzales, Lynn Hawley, Steve Schermerhorn, Jim McBride, Jeff Topping, JoAnn Cataldo, Harry Mersmann, Lisa Perez, Wes Swanson, Janice Takahashi

Minutes from 3/12/09 not approved – no quorum

Public Comments – Janice Takahashi made an announcement about the upcoming APIASA scholarship dinner at China Palace on Friday, May 9th. There was lots of positive feedback about the last Crisis Committee meeting. Jeff Topping asked if non-SJDCTA members could be on the listserv.


1st VP – No report

Secretary - There will be a newsletter going out next week

Membership – No report

Academic Senate – Working on FSA and equivalency issues and minimum qualifications. Questions arose about a new CS faculty member.

Joe reported on the two unfair labor practices that had been filed against the District – the first about bad faith bargaining and the second about the third quartile language in the Article 18 of the contract. There was discussion about how faculty productivity is calculated and ‘negotiating through PERB.’


Joe announced CTA is still looking for a small office space near the Academic Senate offices and asked if anyone knew if one was available.


Steve Schermerhorn reported on the phone tree survey and asked division reps if they could get accurate phone numbers from their division members. He reported strong positive response from those contacted and that the membership was generally upset with the current offer. There are now 100+ members on the listserv. He reported that the next meeting of the Crisis committee would work on actions.

Adjourned 4:45 p.m.

April 23rd is next scheduled meeting.

CTA Executive Council Meeting, March 12, 2008

Convened: 3:30 pm, Shima 218

Present: Joe Gonzales, Lynn Hawley, Steve Schermerhorn, Jeff Topping, Jim McBride, Jeff Hislop, Clarence Louie, JoAnn Cataldo, Ron Payne, Julie Kay, Paul Ustach, Manual Camacho, Sam Hatch, Nena Hewette

Minutes from 2/28/08 meetings approved

Public Comments - None


President announced then the open forums for the accreditation teams would be held – March 25 from 8:9:30 a.m. and March 26th from 3-5 p.m. in West Forum. The team will then read their final report at the exit interview on March 27th at 1 p.m. in Atherton.

1st VP – No report

2nd VP – We have several ongoing grievances.

Treasurer – Clarence Louie reported on the independent audit. He passed out the audit report and the Treasurer’s report for the period Jan 1 2008 through February 29th.

Membership – No report

Chief Negotiator – Jeff Hislop reported on the 3rd session with the mediator and the fact that two Board of Trustees meetings took place without discussing ongoing negotiations with the faculty. District offered faculty .5% this year, which was their first counter ever. Jeff got a call this morning – District raised offer to 1% this year. CTA is sticking with language in Article 18 in the contract that requires the district to meet a minimum salary level in comparison with 16 other districts. The District has not offered CTA the deal it offered the CSEA and POA unions – 2.5% this year. Jeff then took questions about negotiations.

Crisis Committee – Sent letters to members’ homes and reported that the Hartnell strike team was coming to Delta to help us organize here.


Joe asked for approval to fund some clerical work for the CTA office. Sheryl Faylor developed the CTA office so it is functional. We want to move the CTA office next to the Academic Senate offices if possible and get our office up and running. We used to pay $300-400 a month for this service. JoAnn Cataldo proposed a one shot grant from CCA to establish an office here on campus. Joe asked her to forward a copy of the application to him and to Lynn Hawley. Joe made a motion to approve $400 a month to establish an office and reimburse the general account once we get the grant from CCA, seconded by Jim McBride. Some discussion about current budget, friendly amendment to limit it to $1600 – passed unanimously.

Joe reported that at the last officers’ meeting, we proposed that CTA could offer a reward to help the Campus Police get information on two prolific taggers working on the campus. It was proposed that we offer $1000 for arrest and prosecution of these taggers and ask the Student Association and CSEA to chip in to a reward fund as well. It was proposed that $500 might be enough if we could get other groups involved. Motion made to spend $500 as a reward for information leading to arrest and prosecution of taggers, seconded by Jim McBride. There were questions about why CTA should be involved in this issue. Clarence replied that as a chapter we could spend up to 20% on nonchargeable items. Julie Kay asked if this was a public relations issue. Motion passed with one negative.

Adjourned 4:40 p.m.

CTA Executive Council Meeting, February 27, 2008
Convened: 3:30 pm, Shima 218
Present: Joe Gonzales, Lynn Hawley, Steve Schermerhorn, Harry Mersmann,, Jeff Topping, Chris Williams, Scott Bowen, Ramon Sewnath, Jim McBride, Jeff Hislop, Clarence Louie, JoAnn Cataldo, Pamela Pan, Vivian Harper, Marco Contreras, Rocky LaJeunesse, Ron Payne, Randy Gaines, Julie Kay, Roger Waller, Paul Ustach, Jennifer Barrows, Melanie Marshall, Bucky Layland, Yolanda Calderon
Minutes from 1/31/08 and 2/13/08 meetings approved
Public Comments - None

1st VP – Steve reported on the Crisis Committee’s last action with the white buttons. Currently the listserv has 61 members.
2nd VP – We have two ongoing grievances.
Treasurer – Clarence is meeting with the Kemper CPA to finalize the audit of last year’s books.
Membership – JoAnn reported there were 251 adjunct members and 156 agency fee payers. There are 200 fulltime members and 14 agency fee payers. One of the fulltime agency fee payers switched to full membership so next month’s tally will read 201 members and 13 agency fee payers among fulltime faculty.
Joe Gonzales called for nominations for the WHO Award given out at the April CTA Conference. Three nominees were Joe Gonzales, Jeff Hislop and Janice Takahashi. Steve S. and Lynn Hawley counted votes and Joe Gonzales won the nomination.

Old Business
Bargaining Update – Jeff Hislop gave the update. Two meetings ago we declared impasse and we have had no tentative agreements on any items. The District’s salary offer is still 0, COLA, COLA – all articles have been rejected with no counteroffer. A seven-point Unfair Labor Practice will be filed detailing bad faith bargaining on the part of the District. Another ULP will be added shortly.
CTA bargaining team went through two days with an outside mediator with lots of back and forth of “supposals.” Based on comments from the mediator, we reduced the number of articles on the table. The message we have received from the Board is 0,0,0 – there going to impose 0, COLA, COLA, knowing we have nonbinding arbitration. The Administration and the Board doesn’t believe faculty will do anything about it.
The Board meets on March 4th, we meet with the District on the 5th and we will meet with the mediator again on the 11th. Jeff’s prediction – the Board won’t move on their offer and we’re going to fact-finding. Jeff took questions and there were some suggestions about what to do next.
Adjourned 4:55 p.m.

CTA Executive Council Meeting, January 30, 2008

Convened: 3:30 pm, Shima 218

Present: Joe Gonzales, Lynn Hawley, Clarence Louie, Steve Schermerhorn, Jeff Hislop, Lisa Perez, JoAnn Cataldo, Ron Payne. Yolanda Calderon, Janice Takahashi, Sam Hatch, Paul Ustach, Harry Mersmann, Randy Gaines, Jeff Topping, Chris Williams, Scott Bowen, Rocky LaJeunesse

Minutes from previous meeting approved once quorum was present


Academic Senate – Janice reminded us that the February 6th meeting would include discussion of possible plagiarism policy changes.

1st VP – Steve reported on the new Yahoo group for SJDCTA

2nd VP – Jeff Hislop reported on grievances and gave a negotiations update. Diana Lisi was supposed to be present at today’s meeting but didn’t show. We are officially at impasse.

Treasurer – Clarence gave the financial report for the period November 1-December 31 and passed out copies of our federal and state tax filings.

Membership – JoAnn reported 44 new faculty this semester, 2/3 of which are new adjunct. Letters have gone out asking them to join.

Crisis Committee – Met previous Monday and ordered 1500 blank buttons. They are organizing a phone campaign and want a script from the negotiation team. Sam Hatch is working on a faculty productivity report in response to Lodi Sentinel article.

New Business

Janice reported that the District and some faculty want more than one mandatory flex day. She and Joe have talked to the District about exchanging one more flex day for two fewer instructional days on the calendar (the proposed new calendar.)

Joe reported there is a MOU on bonus units (faculty not going paid correctly for late-start classes from 2004 through Fall 2007.) Under the MOU, faculty will be paid for their bonus units in the last check of the semester – January for fall term, June for spring, August for summer. There was a suggestion that we put the bonus unit formula on our website to make it easier for instructors to figure out what they’ve earned.

Two new positions were announced – Paula Sheil had to step down as Comm Skills representative and Jim McBride was stepping up to fill in. Jeff Hislop made the motion, Steve seconded, passed unanimously. Al Ortiz was asked if he would replace Matt Wetstein on the negotiating team – Harry made the motion, Jeff Hislop seconded, passed unanimously. Steve said we still need to fill four chair positions. Al Ortiz volunteered to chair the Political Affairs committee.

Scott Bowen reported on several Zimbra email problems and that his division hates this new system.

Adjourned 4:55 p.m.

CTA Executive Council Meeting, January 16, 2008

Convened: 3:30 pm, Budd 333

Present: Joe Gonzales, Lynn Hawley, Steve Schermerhorn, Clarence Louie, Jeff Hislop, Lisa Perez, JoAnn Cataldo, Ron Payne. Yolanda Calderon, Janice Takahashi, Sam Hatch, Scott Bender, Harry Mersmann, Anna Johnson, Al Ortiz, Randy Gaines, Lynn Welch, Jeff Topping

Minutes from previous meeting approved once quorum was present

New Business

1st Vice President, Steve Schermerhorn, called the meeting to order. He went over the sections in the bylaws having to do with replacing officers and there was a discussion about how to proceed to replace Matt Wetstein. Jeff Hislop reported that Alan Frey, CTA legal advisor, was notified and suggested that we create a position for the immediate past president (other chapters have this position.) Since we don’t, Alan’s opinion was either to hold a special election or have the Executive Council members make the decision.

Lisa Perez made a motion to have the Executive Council make the decision about the President’s replacement and choose Joe Gonzales, our immediate past president, for the job. Clarence Louie seconded. Steve S. called for discussion then the vote on the motion, which passed. A question was raised about whether we had a quorum – Steve S. did a count of those present and established there was a quorum.

Joe Gonzales then assumed the presidency and asked if the dates for upcoming meetings were still okay with everyone.

Future Agenda Items

- Room change from Budd 333 to Shima 126?
- 2009-10 Academic Calendar for summer intersession
- Reservation of Stadium Club for Graduation reception – Al Ortiz will look into other UOP sites. Jeff Hislop made a motion that allows Joe G. and Clarence Louie to put a deposit down for a site. Yolanda Calderon seconded and passed unanimously.
- Diana Lisi will be coming to advise us on negotiation strategy and there should be more information about the state budget at the next meeting.
- Janice reported that at the Feb. 6th Academic Senate meeting there would be a discussion about standards of student conduct.
- JoAnn Cataldo reported on the Crisis Committee’s upcoming meeting and reminded the negotiating team they need to have a liaison assigned. Joe Gonzales thanked JoAnn for all of her work on the Holiday Party in December.

Adjourned 4:15 p.m

CTA Executive Council Meeting, November 14, 2007

Convened: 3:30 pm, Shima 126

Present: Matt Wetstein, Lynn Hawley, Steve Schermerhorn, Clarence Louie, Diana Lisi, Harry Mersmann, Paula Sheil, Joe Gonzales, Janice Takahashi, Julie Kay, Evelyn Chapman, Lisa Perez, JoAnn Cataldo, Ron Payne

Minutes from previous meeting approved once quorum was present

Public Comments

No public comments

Officer Reports

Jeff Hislop, 2nd VP absent – Matt Wetstein gave a brief report about ongoing grievances. Questions addressed about evaluation process and behavior of Deans and VPs during that process.

Clarence Louie, Treasurer has scheduled an independent audit required by state. Presented fiscal year report Sept. 1,2006 to Oct. 31, 2007. Report approved.

JoAnn Cataldo, Membership chair – Reported on some CTA dues discrepancies (5 people underpaying, 20 people overpaying)

Lynn Hawley, Secretary – Announced latest newsletter is out in the mailboxes and a new negotiations update as well. Needs to send pdf files to Steve Schermerhorn for the newsletter.

Steve Schermerhorn, 1st VP – Reported on Crisis Committee operations

Academic Senate – Janice Takahashi reported that Senate voted for 16-week calendar, adding more flex days to the academic year. Also at last session statewide senate is talking about academic administrators teaching as part of their duties. Diana Lisa questioned this since CTA doesn’t represent administrators and this may mean fewer teaching positions for our members. At this point, administrators can teach at Delta but are not paid for it.

New Business

Matt Wetstein, President reported on CSEA ratification vote. Their salary offer was 2.5% retro to July 1, COLA and COLA plus an opener if Community College Initiative passes. Matt said it was likely that CSEA will ratify the contract and talked about the impact of that on our negotiations. We have to present two more articles at the table before we have finished with all of our sunshined items. Diana Lisa, consultant from CTA, spoke about planning for the future of negotiations and what to do now that impasse looked likely. Matt was asked to elaborate on some of the unfair labor practices that the union was charging the administration with committing. He listed the hiring of the new VP of Human Resources as a possible violation of the Brown Act and the nature in which Student Success Coordinator position was created, which was not negotiated with the union. He also questioned no-bid positions like the AFFIRM program and the Program Review position occupied by the wife of the bond consultant. Diana Lisa suggested we focus on this trail of bypassing shared governance as a means of educating faculty about issues. Matt also said ULP was being filed about “surface bargaining” and described some of the actions of the District team to support that charge.

JoAnn Cataldo expressed frustration that the Crisis Committee had not produced much yet and hoped that in the last few weeks of the semester they could get more material out to faculty. Janice Takahashi and Matt Wetstein talked at length about the Student Success Coordinator position and what the union had to say about it. Janice did not want the union to give members the wrong impression of the position while Matt contended it was not the position he disagreed with but the process by which it was created and filled.

Old Business

Matt reported that four (4) people were denied the option of paying healthcare premiums on a pre-tax basis because they turned in their paperwork past deadline. District argued that it was a contractual obligation they had with the IRS. CTA taking position that faculty should have been paying attention and Matt has spoken with faculty members involved. We can also advise them to see a CTA attorney.

Matt also reported that changes to the academic calendar would have to be negotiated – the soonest it could be implemented would be 2009-10.

Janice asked if the MOU on Mountain House transfer process in contract. Matt replied no and Janice questioned why there was nothing in contract on transfer process since we are expanding and MOU is time limited.

Lynn asked about a possible holiday get-together for union members. The idea was voted on and approved unanimously to spend the same amount this year as we did last year on a catered holiday lunch for CTA members before the break. JoAnn Cataldo said she would take care of the details.

Diana Lisa suggested that our group should put in another request for money from CTA for organizing activities.

Adjourned 5:10 p.m. 

SJDCTA Executive Council Meeting 
Date: Wednesday, March 28, 2007 
Time: 3:30 P.M. 
Place: BUDD 333
Minutes of SJDCCTA Executive Council

CTO@1535 by Pres .Joe Gonzales, 
Public Comments: Notification for the dependant audit will be by e-mail, a letter to home or both.
There was a comment and discussion about the interaction of STRS and Social Security
Minutes: none
Senate Report: None
!st VP: Policy and Procedure was discussed; Administration retreat rights and the screening process was an issue, suggested a retraining sabbatical, the grading policy was reported
2nd VP: Grievances in progress were discussed
Bargaining report: the status of the negotiations was discussed
Membership: there were 80 new members reported
PAC and crisis committee: reported on the State CCA/CTA led activities
The proposed unit distribution for CTA officers was discussed and a motion was passed to change it to:
President remains 6 units
1st VP remains 3 units
2nd VP changes to 4 units
Sec. remains 3 units
Treas. Remains 3 units
Membership chair remains 2 units
Also the motion included that the sect. would be responsible for all written communications to the membership.
The VP’s would attend more shared gov. meetings.
The nominations for officers and the election was discussed.
Old Business: none
New Business: none
Adjourned to 4/11/07. 1645

Minutes of SJDCTA Meeting of Feb. 14, 2007
The meeting was called to order at 3:35 pm.
Public Comments – none
Academic Senate Report – nothing to report
Officers’ Reports – Claudia Quinn reported that Policies and Procedures Committee meetings have been canceled on two occasions. The hot topic for discussion is the manager retreat rights policy.
President’s Report – Joe Gonzales gave an update on the PERB Hearing and negotiations that took place that day in Sacramento. The District and CTA agreed to meet to discuss health care benefits using the Jan. 25th proposal placed on the table by the District team. Joe highlighted the upcoming GASB presentation at the Board meeting on Feb. 20th and the CTA presentation scheduled the following day. He talked briefly about the GSAB requirements. Matt Wetstein summarized the negotiating team’s plan to present budget data about the 10% calculation at an upcoming negotiating session. There was discussion about the 10% cap, GASB, the PERB hearing (rescheduled for April 23), and the out-of-pocket costs for health care.
Adjunct Concerns – Adjunct representative Mary Little presented concerns from a part-time faculty member about parity pay calculations and seniority rights for long-term adjuncts. There was some discussion of the 7.2% parity pay increase for the 2006-07 year. The seniority rights issue was explained to be a contract item that the negotiating team would have to advance in the successor agreement.
Winter & Spring CTA Conference – There was a brief presentation on the winter leadership training and solicitation of interest in the spring conference April 20-22 in Long Beach.
Crisis Committee Funding – The Executive Council discussed formulating procedures for how crisis committee grant funds will be disbursed. This was raised in order to avoid large outlays for hourly work by a person or persons. It was moved/seconded/and approved that the crisis committee develop guidelines for how money will be spent and that those guidelines be followed until they could be ratified by the Executive Council, with the understanding that all outstanding bills would be paid.
Spring Elections & Units for Officers – Elections for SJDCTA officers are scheduled for May. Steve Schermerhorn will need to organize the nominating committee (composed of division reps.) to solicit nominations and develop a slate of candidates. The Council also discussed units of reassigned time for various officers, and there was some consensus that the 2nd Vice President position (in charge of grievances) might be entitled to more units of reassigned time (4 rather than 3). Some members mentioned that the units should be translated into hourly equivalents for faculty who work on hours-per-week contracts (like Librarians). There was consensus that the Executive Officers should meet to discuss appropriate units of release time and come back to the Council with a recommendation before the May elections.
WHO Award – In recognition of her outstanding recruitment efforts for new members, Joe Gonzales nominated Joann Cataldo for the association’s WHO award in the Spring of 2007. The motion was approved by acclimation.
Other Issues – The crisis committee meeting of Tuesday the 20th was announced. Steve Schermerhorn discussed the new SJDCTA listserv that was established through NEA allowing us to disseminate messages to members using home email accounts.
The meeting adjourned at 5:15 pm.

SJDCTA Executive Council Meeting
Date: Wednesday, January 31, 2007
Time: 3:30 P.M.
Place: BUDD 333

Public Comments 
Approval of Minutes 
Treasurer’s Report 

Minutes: November 22, 2006
Meeting Called to Order @ 1540 by President Joe, There was no quorum called for
Public Comments: Claudia stated that for STRS purposes, adjunct sick time is 6hours=1day. Joe confirmed that CTA contract qualifies for POP125 pre-tax status, that if agreement is u not reached it is an additional ULP, and there is no arrears.
Minutes: were approved
Treasurer’s Report: Quarterly report handout, budget handout, it was discussed that Joe should write the board members that CTA supported and remind them of the financial report.
President’s Comments: There were several end of year items acted upon;
MSP $400 for clerical assistance
MSP gifts for Bd members
MSP funds for end of year seasonal party
There were additional non action items discussions.
Meeting Adjourned @ 1700

All Full-time and Adjunct Faculty members are welcomed to attend the SJDCTA Executive Council Meeting
Date: Wednesday, November 22, 2006
Time: 3:30 P.M.
Place: BUDD 333

Public Comments 
Approval of Minutes 
Treasurer’s Report 
Vote for approval of funds for clerical assistance at $400 @ month 
Vote for approval of funds for Season Greetings’ Expenses 
Vote for approval of funds for Winter Season Update and Meeting 

Executive Council Members, please attend or send a representative to the meeting to vote.
Minutes: November 8, 2006
Meeting Called to Order @ 1540 by President Joe, There was no quorum present
Public Comments: The CTA alert flyer was discussed and it was determined that no one knew for sure were it originated.
Joe announced that all candidates for Bd. Of Trustees that were endorsed by CTA were successful.
Prop 1D should bring matching bond money to Delta College.
Minutes: were approved
President’s Comments: The updating of by-laws was discussed, the release time for officers was discussed. The issue of an adjunct officer vs. a rep was discussed.
Organizing Committee: There was a report and discussion of the meeting with CCA rep Diana. CTA is sponsoring a lunch for the two unions 11/15.
Negotiations Committee: The lack of progress of negotiations was reported and discussed.
New Business: The morale survey was discussed. The Social Sciences Classified Secretary selection faux paux was discussed. The new practice of HR VP calling in employees for one reason and then switching to the discussion of a complaint to avoid representation was discussed.
Meeting Adjourned @ 1700

Nov 8, 2006 (pdf)

Minutes of SJDCCTA Executive Council
Meeting of Feb.8, 2006

CTO@1540 by Pres.Joe,
Public Comments: None
Minutes: None
Senate Report: Janice mentioned that F/T faculty applying, qualifying for other disciplines are being required to go through adjunct hiring process. CTA should challenge the HR practice, it is an Edu.code violation. HR is requiring a proficiency test and using it as an equivalency for language faculty, also an Edu code violation. Discussion ensued. Janice also mentioned PIO has been approved to teach Dolbergs load, an Edu. Code violation. Course deactivation list is being forwarded to the office of instruction.
Treasurer’s Report: Tax report was accepted. Motion was carried to explore a CD for a higher return. 12 mon./$30k@ 4.5%. Meeting was scheduled with the auditors, 2PM 2/9/06.
Grievances: A few old ones are still active.
Health Benefits: PERB action under way about the 10% pool misuse, CCA is recommending court action.
Parity Pay: a report on the negotiations was given
Nursing violations were discussed.
CCA Conference: Clarence to receive the WHO Award in San Diego
adjourned to 2/22/06. 1710

Minutes of SJDCCTA Executive Council

Meeting of Nov.9, 2005

CTO@1535 by Jeff Hislop, Joe had a conflict/title5 mtg 
Public Comments: Lisa Perez brought up the issue of s/t for on-line days discussion ensued
Sam Hatch-suggested that the negotiation team consider a even 17 week semester for both spring and fall, should be referred to Academic Senate and the fact that curriculum chairs spend inordinate time with their duties, should negotiate release time comp.
Lynn Hawley said that the curriculum cmmt and the leadership is not making friends about the prodcedure of dropping items from the process
minutes msp
negotiations team- Evelynn said no on Rocky, no other counselor has volunterred
old business- newsletter where is it?
new business-Lisa is on sabbatical she will attempt to replace a rep
Evelynn siad state cca/cta leadership will come and address our group with an invite
Dec 9th holiday mtg conflicts with counselor dinner / dance should we change?
adjourned to a yet to be scheduled meeting date. 1630 

Meeting of Sept. 28, 2005

CTA meeting 9/28/05 Budd 333
CTO @ 1535 By Pres. Joe Gonzales
No Public Comments
Approval of minutes-MSP
Grievances- Jeff talked about an adjunct pay issue, to be discussed on Monday meeting, Claudia mentioned that there were several salary issues to be discussed, child development advertisement is out of state compliance. Nursing grievances still in play. 
Salary for temp. full-time positions.
resolved for tenured position in CTA favor but against the temp positions as they are considered adjuncts.
There was a comment about hiring processes for faculty by HR staff / analysts.
Selection of Chief Negotiator-Jeff Hislop / Matt Wetstein
Committee Nominations- Rocky L., Rob De., Matt W., Richard G., Helene H., Jim Mc., Jun W., Claudia Q., Mario M. Lynn H.
P&P- Claudia reported about policy issues and faculty parking, sick leave accrual was discussed.
Joe stated a letter was sent in his and Matt's name to Pres. R about Brown Act violations with copies to DA and Bd of Trustees
Joe said the cease and desist order is at PERB, they have not responded.
Joe explained the demand to bargain process. We have to acknowledge and meet. This opens the contract and we can ask what is in it for us.
The District is interested in hourly salary changes
Issue of salary advancement timelines was discussed.
New Business- Newsletter was discussed, dates and frequency. 10/22/05 was set as publication date 10/14/05 was submission date for material. Second date was at Holiday Gathering set for Dec.9,2005
Friday Feb 17,2006
April 21,2006 submission was a week earlier. Topics were discussed.
A discussion about contracts for teaching negotiated by other than CTA.
Old Business-
Adjourned to Oct. 14,2005 @ 1705

Proposed negotiations team
Chief- Jeff Hislop
Ex-Officio- Joe Gonzales
Consultant-Larry Paulson
Adjunct-Jack Dunn
Retired/Stand-in Pat Doyle
Matt Wetstein
Jim McBride
Rocky LaJeunesse
Jun Wang
Lynn Hawley

Minutes of SJDCCTA Executive Council

Meeting of Sept. 14, 2005
CTA Mtg Sept 14th Budd 333
CTO 1535 by Pres. Joe Gonzales
Present: Joe Gonzales, Claudia Quinn, Al Ortiz, Clarence Louie, Jeff Hislop, Steve Schermerhorn, Janice Takahashi, 
Public Comments: Matt Wetstein commented of improper procedure by the board of trustees that violated the Brown act at 9/13/05 and expressed concern of the continuing and growing problem.
There was a discussion about possible actions such as a CTA attorney writing a letter to the board and the newspaper, educating the board about legal issues, filing a lawsuit as a citizen or notifying the state attorney general start to an action.
Joe suggested that we call CCA legal rep and also start an action with the State Attorneys Office.
Officers Reports:
No policy and procedure report, no meeting Joe reported that the possibility of faculty parking could be explored.
Grievances: Al Ortiz reported about several grievances, several div chair problems, students placed in classes as auditors w/o instructor approval, faculty class assignments, overworking adjuncts, overload policy, other issues.
There was also a discussion about BOT elections and candidate support, other PAC issues.
Treasurers Report: Year end report, proposed budget, spread sheet was presented in hard copy. MSP
Membership: report in hard copy, two issues arose that were addressed.
CCA Information report: Information was reported and passed out.
Minutes: were approved
Presidents report: CCA conference, Delta CTA group service center meetings with other cta grps.
Health benefits: Cease and Desist not followed, met with CCA rep about f/u, no pay this year, next year projections are guesses.
Neg. team suggestions: Rocky, Evelyn, Matt, Jeff, Jun, Charles, Ghio, Helene, McBride
Janice Takahashi made four AS-related announcements:
-All faculty are asked to read and comment on, if they wish, the draft Faculty Ethics Statement. Send comments to Janice, via Irene Cotta in AS office
-President's Council is reviewing Standing Committees. Faculty are encouraged to stay involved with Committees.
-There are vacancies on the AS from AS&T, S&M, and Bus Ed.
-There is information on campus that a new, improved entitlement process is soon to be announced and that a goodly number of new FT faculty will be hired, some starting as early as Spring 2006
Joe Gonzales anticipated that the next negotiations will be particularly long and difficult, as there are costly issues on the table.
Adjourned 1716 to Sep 28, 2005

Minutes of SJDCCTA Executive Council

Meeting of May 11, 2005
CTA Mtg May 11th Budd 333
CTO 1535 by Pres. Joe Gonzales
No public Comments
Motion to approve minutes passed
No membership report
No Academic Senate report
P&P report- Claudia Quinn thanked members for addressing the board about the questioned policies. 
Al Ortiz reported on grievances. An Adjunct was overworked and has been offered a full time position. 6 complaints total
Treasurer report- statement late, will report later
Health benefits report- 24% increase in premiums for retirees and 8% for employees. Calculations are under way costs are unknown at this time. A discussion about the cost sharing occurred.
Steve Schemerhorn reported on the upcoming election. Motion to close and finalize ballot, MSP.
Reception - UOP 5/27/05 day of commencement
Adjourned @ 1455. to commencement day.

CTA Meeting Budd 333. Nov 10, 2004
3:35 CTO by Joe Gonzales, Pres.
Benefits discussion:
A handout from the district wide benefits meeting Friday 11/5/04 was passed out and Joe explained the handout, and the 10% of expenditures figures to compute health care costs. The handout went back to 1990-91 budget. Joe discussed the CCFS 311 form, Tier vs. Composite system of payment was discussed. (All employees pay the same amount vs. you pay according to the number of people covered). The district was asked to clarify this since we have not been paying. The issue of notification according to contract language was discussed. 
The plan of action was discussed in relation to CTA CCA support and injunction to stop employee payments.
The ccfs 311 form can be crossed checked to confirm the overages that were in escrow for later years were handled properly.

Janice from Academic Senate discussed entitlements:
Myth 1- Dr. Arce saying that the 75% / 25% requirement has been lifted. not true
Myth 2- zero entitlements to be given, and the reason we get none is the process is bad. Not true, we have two nurse entitlements and the administration determines the entitlements and their numbers.

Dec. 7th next meeting should be a show of force at the bd of trustee mtg. to show concerns about entitlements, student support by faculty, extra hours put in by faculty. Faculty should be calling trustees and give them information about the situation.
Meeting adjourned @ 5 P.M.
Jeff Hislop

CTA Minutes- Wednesday Oct 27, 2004

Called To Order @ 3:40pm

Quorum: Max Simoncic, Barb Broer, Tena Carr, JoAnn Cataldo, Amir Assadi-Rad, Yolanda Calderon, Lisa Perez, Mary Little, Steve Schermerhorn.

Total # of Members present: 15

Joe Gonzales presented agenda.

  1. Benefits discussion
    • Joe presented information and rumor from around campus, re: benefits. There is talk on campus that benefits included in our compensation will become out-of-pocket expenses for faculty as of Fall 2005. There is contract language that pertains to this issue (see Article X, Section 6 e for details). To ensure that the contract is being adhered to, an audit of Central Valley Trust and other documents is required. A motion was made by Lisa Perez and seconded by JoAnn Cataldo: "SJDCTA will employ, at the going market rate, an auditor to audit the CVT and District records pertaining to the 10% medical insurance expenditures (as described in Contract, Article X)". Motion passed unanimously.
  2. Announcements
    • Joe Gonzales has an official pay schedule, which will be posted soon on the SJDCTA website.
    • CTA representative Alan Fry will be re-assigned as of Jan 1, 2005 to a state-wide position. He will no longer be our primary CTA contact. Roger Waller suggested that our local send Alan a letter of appreciation and a gift. All present approved.
    • Yolanda Calderon invited all campus employees to attend the annual "Counselors Christmas Party" on 12/10/2004.
    • Steve Schermerhorn announced that SJDCTA voting will be planned for late April/early May 2005. All positions will be up for election.
    • Joe Bisson gave an update on the "Program review cannot be used as an additional faculty evalution" matter. The Social Science division's manager has called for a vote of faculty to choose to use the form, or not. Local CTA is against this vote. All faculty evaluation is a negotiated item, not subject to other processes.
  3. Other Business
    • JoAnn Cataldo shared a letter from a faculty member about lack of convenient staff access to the Child Development Center's registration process. Joe Gonzales promised to look into the matter.
    • Mary Little led a discussion about the benefits of the "adjunct can teach no more than 60% of full time for any CCC district" law, and the bad effects on all faculty of overturning that law.

Meeting adjourned 5:05pm

CTA Ex Bd Mtg (9/22/04)- 
CTO 1542-
Public Comments- Tenured Instructor EV's- question about frequency of classroom visit EV-Contract says minimum of once every 6 yrs, ED Code says once every three years. Code overrides contract.
Discussion of timing for summer classes and room usage.
Noisy Middle College Students in Holt are causing problems. Instructors are complaining.
Mac’s are still available to instructors per Lee Belaramino. Discussion about the conversion process went on.
The on-line switch to e-tude from e-college is a large time investment and the need to change or when to change is unclear. An instructor cannot be forced to teach on-line.
Minutes for May 5th MSP
Minutes for Sept. 8th MSP
CCA Report- Joe discussed the CCA re-organization and we will be reporting to the area rep and the regional CTA/CCA administrator.
Membership report- 46-New members , Anne Zinck is no longer a teacher, no longer a member.
Budget Report-Clarence Louie went to a treasurers conference 
Issues: SSN on medical cards
Benefits that we are entitiled to but not aware of.
Audits- if we are a agency fee agency, we must open books to fee payers, and we may also be a comparison college and have an audit. Hard copies of treasurers report and an accounting of expenditures were passed out. An overhead was also used to supplement the presentation. Year end report was approved MSP.
Proposed budget was explained, and MSP. A question of CTA/CCA/NEA accounting and charges were different from payroll, are the bills accurate if names weren't?
Health Benefits- Joe Gonzales, committee that was approved will be meeting next Monday 9/27.
Committee Reports- None
New/Old Business- Janice Takahashi talked about faculty input for P&P especially program discontinuance.
Intellectual Property Rights were discussed.
Suspended students were discussed. The students were caught cheating on extra - credit project.
Meeting Adjourned at 1715.

CTA MTG Sept 8,2004 cto@ 1535
Presidents Comments:
Joe talked about the contract negotiations and the final day of agreement.
Minutes tabled until next meeting:
CCA: Evelyn conference in Monterey Oct. Rocky Barilla moving to legal Dep't state meeting next week.
Membership: Jo Ann Cataldo talked about recruiting Full Time and Adjuncts
Budget: Clarence to LA for new budget issues, training, 
Grievances: Most of all issues settled
Nurses issue turned over to HR. 
Adjunct 39 month issue discussed
Health Benefits: co-payments are discussed
Also, Paul Guitierrez / Liz Zulueta are being offered retirement benefits - golden handshake
Approval of Health Benefits oversite Comm.: Amir, Max, Larry Paulsen, Richard Ghio, Stella Alonzo, Judi Higashi, Terri Dennison, Al Ortiz MSP
Other Business: Pay check problems, sick leave accumulation, this month 1% by 9/17, hourly pay adjusted by 9/10., parity pay for hourly was discussed. 
Meeting ajourned @ 1655

CTA Minutes- Thursday 1/15/04 @2PM:
Called To Order @2:10
Approx. Members Present:50
Joe Gonzales Presented agenda:
1. Bond Campaign Information: calls at home, from home discussed, position of CTA, suggested we stay neutral.
2. Negotiation update: 0% raise offered, meeting again wed, 1/21/04. the district maintains that the rollover contract is sufficient, CTA doesn't see it that way, discussion; members should attended board meetings and show other examples of unity, impress the board to settle a contract, suggested by a member that we go to impasse members are tired of waiting for a settlement, impasse would allow as last time the books to be opened to show that there is money. 
Crisis committee was suggested as was signs, informational picketing, email trustees, settling contract would help bond and it isn't a non-issue as stated by the administration. Any perceived disruption by the faculty would give the public perception that things aren't well at Delta and hurt or defeat the bond. 
Accolades for pitching in during the crisis are no longer enough from the administration and the District. Classes being cut have resulted in loss of millions of dollars, even though we have done everything we have been asked to do such as bigger classes and more hours etc. The district is using divide and conquer tactics and we are going above and beyond the contract, so it was suggested that we follow the contract and work to the rule, nothing extra or above and beyond. If we have a contract as stated by the administration, then we should have a COLA + .5 %!!!!!!! 
The group put together a crisis committee to direct future actions.
Meeting to create informational signs scheduled, group to attend board meeting, Tuesday 1/20/04. Plans were discussed to deal with being closed out of the board meeting, getting the media informed about the CTA's concerns. Crisis committee is to meet Friday 1/16/04 and it was suggested that building reps for crisis information and phone tree calls.
adjourned @1510

Meeting of September 10, 2003
Call to order@ 3:35, introductions of members and guests,

Approval of Minutes- No minutes, last meeting was at the graduation

7 Public comments- Meeting room schedule and availability was discussed 

Jim McBride- CCA delegate discussed:
Conference information
Recent workshop information
Election information about compliance or meeting bylaws
SJDCCTA members to 10/17-19 conference; 
Joe, Jeff, JoAnn, Lisa, Lynn

Janice Takahashi, Academic Senate- discussed:
FSA’s, Claudia to work with Janice on those issues
Division chairs assigning classes

Alan Frey- CCA-CTA Area rep- discussed:
Grievances and the process, 4 step; informa/supvervisor/VP/Pres.or Bd, when it goes to lawyers or arbitrators it gets expensive
Funding available from CTA for arbitration and striking
Rules for grievances or attorney use, discussion of cases after

Telephone issues- Lisa looked at two plans for cell phones and landline fax
Discussion and vote followed:
MSP- cell for grev. Chair
MSP-2 phones for CTA
MSP-Cost at or under $125 per mo. For 2 phones
MSP-landline for grev. Chair
MSP-Cost $75 or under

Treasurer report-
CTA dues increase was due to mother CCA-CTA-NEA increase
Gave audit report thru 8/31/02
Gave monthly reports for 8/31/03
Gave comparison of ’00 thru’03
Gave proposed budget MSP

Adjourned @ 5:50 to 10/08/03 @ 3:30

Meeting of May 14, 2003
Jeffrey R. Hislop - Secretary
Minutes of SJDCCTA Executive Council
Meeting of May 14, 2003
Call to order @ 3:40 SJDCCTA Executive Board Meeting
Not present Al Ortiz, Barbara Broer
Liz: opened and said that Al couldn’t attend, but all grievances were cleared
Officer Reports:
Mike: reported that the treasury was down from last years ending total due to grievances, a fee increase is needed to build up treasury, discussion of expenditures followed
Frank: spoke about negotiations, hardball being played, we were accused of slowing down negotiations, Student Activities Director to be terminated, replaced by faculty 
Amir: health benefits meeting cancelled by administration
JoAnn: membership increasing, plaques presented, card for Liz
Steve: discussed ballot versions, and voting process
Reception: Tena needs liquor to be picked up @ Trader Joe’s, announcements out soon for pre -graduation reception 3-6PM 5.29/03
Adjourned to next semester @ 1630 - MUSTANG Room.

Meeting of May 08, 2002
Call to order @ 3:35, introduction of members, 
Members present: Liz Blanchard, Jeff Hislop, Gary Wycoff, Max Simoncic, Harry Mersmann, Jim McBride, Mary Ann Paz, Jeff Topping, Steve Schermerhorn, Mary Little, Frank Daniels, Larry Schubert, Joann Cataldo, Evelyn Chapman, Dean Danielson, Al Ortiz, Mike Seeyle,Barbara Broer, Tena Carr
Members absent: Pat Doyle, Yolanda Calderon, , Pedro Ramirez, Dee Brown -Excused 
Approval of Minutes- MSP after corrections
Officer Reports: Liz: Called for presenters for CTA Human Rights Conf.2003. Academic Senate board policy actions were discussed, BP/AP 7120&7130. Cultural Awareness Comm, volunteers were Steve S. and Joanne C. Conflict resolution workshop was discussed.
Barbara: Commented on Bd Pol. 2041, extra employment pol.7025 should be reviewed by negotiations team. The selection team non payment issue was discussed, MPS to enforce policy 7120.1-sec11
Al: Reception plans were discussed., money was designated for refreshments. Discussed 9 complaints.
Mike: Printed financial reportMSP to accept accounting
Committee Reports: Frank Daniels reported on negotiations, counter proposal to come,it is possible that summer negotiations will happen. Max: reported on PAC issues, Trustees Serna, Rivera and Simas running unopposed MSP to allow funds for election purposes Gary: Entitlements frozen by budget process, staff benefits costs up 15to25%, HR looking at alternatives to flex insurance costs, forcast of two years to use surplus funds before employee supplemental costs begin. Steve: had release time questions.Jeff Topping, No report
Old Business: none
New Business: Jim McBride received plaque for membership –recruitment work ay CCA conf.
5:05-Adjourn to 5/8/02 in Student Chef Room.

Meeting of April 30, 2003
Call to order @ 3:35 closed meeting
Liz: opened and said that Joe Gonzales was to appear
Steve: discussed ballot draft and versions, two ballots
Joe Gonzales: discussed qualifications and answered questions, sec. kicked out by Jo Ann’s suggestion, Jeff withdrew from president nomination
Officer Reports:
Al: discussed grievances.
Barbara: P & P still in process no MOU on credit by exam, managers allowed to sell back time
Frank: spoke about negotiations, Managers teaching, new campus, Dolberg to address Bd of trustees, release time per law and also to be negotiated
Max: May 13 to address benefits choices for 2004-2005
Nominations closed
5:00-Adjourn to 05/14/03 in MUSTANG Room.

Not present: Mike Seelye, Tena Carr, Mary Ann Paz, Harry Mersmann

Meeting of April 10, 2002
Call to order @ 3:35, introduction of members, 
Members present: Liz Blanchard, Jeff Hislop, Gary Wycoff, Max Simoncic, Harry Mersmann, Jim McBride, Mary Ann Paz, Jeff Topping, Steve Schermerhorn, , Frank Daniels, Larry Schubert, Joann Cataldo, Evelyn Chapman, Dean Danielson, Al Ortiz, Pedro Ramirez, Dee Brown, Mike Seeyle
Members absent: Pat Doyle, Yolanda Calderon, Tena Carr, Barbara Broer, Mary Little -Excused 
Approval of Minutes- MSP after corrections
Officer Reports: Liz: Dr. Shauerman decided that there would be no pay for search committee work, district is selecting a PIO the week of 4/15, and starting application process for a foundation fund raiser. There is a signed contract for the Spanos Center for graduation, there was a discussion about a reception Al will check into a site at UOP.
Al: Discussed complaints, new one was faculty accusing a student of an affair with her husband. 3 cases in arbitration, W/C case not covered by CTA/CCA. Al was nominated for WHO award.
Mike: Printed financial report, out of operating funds, suggested we cash the American Century CD for funds. There was a discussion about union fees and how the payment is divided. Mike stated that employees have suggested looking into other employee groups.
Committee Reports: Frank Daniels: Printed proposals both ways were distributed, Negotiators met the previous week and will be meeting the following week, Frank suggested that negotiations on dispersal of Adjunct parity funds not yet determined should be done separately, Franks raised the issue of the negotiations stipend, MSP to make 1/3 payment ($3000 each time)to the team as well as kudos for the info sharing
Gary: No report, meeting cancelled
Max: reported on a mortage company offer Steve: will put the info in the news letter.
Jeff Topping, adjunct concerns, adjuncts eligible for STRS after 5 yrs fulltime equivalency, administration will be budgeting funds
Old Business: Al will check on site for reception at UOP
New Business: Joanne: MSP to cash in CD.
4:55-Adjourn to 5/8/02 in Mustang Room.

Meeting of March 12, 2003
Call to order @ 2:38 closed meeting
Liz: opened and asked Alan Frye to talk. Alan said best strategy usually is to go long with no openers. Now, limit length with no salary increases, keep negotiations open and going. We can’t avoid health openers and an imposed contract can occur.
Al: discussed six grievances.
1. faculty asked repay $23,000 in wrong step salary payment
2. student v. faculty, advisory only
3. on going faculty v. mang. Dispute re 1 day v. 3 day hearing, settlement offer from mngt not accepted.
4. harassment settled
5. faculty v. mangt ev’s agreed upon
6. faculty strs issue
Call to order @ 3:35 general meeting / Minutes for 2/12 and 3/5 MSP
Officer Reports:
Liz: opened and passed out handout re: lay-off info, mid year budget cuts
CTA supported CSEA at board meeting where organizing committee presented three speakers./ Discussion about employee groups and lay-offs.
Alan Frye spoke about: $750 million state cut for 72 districts and 105 campuses/ bill for adjunct seniority in suspension/ bumping rights/ FSA’s
Al: discussed grievances. Discussion about overload and bonus pay
Barbara: P & P still in process
Mike: Audit for last year done taxes being worked on, Cost $3000.00
Jeff: Bylaw comm.. recommended: release units to be bargain MSP
Joanne: membership, handout and discussion about letter to explain representation rights.
Steve S. : web site up, report on nominating committee
Old Business: conf. CCA 4/25-27 $100 MSP for organizing comm. Expenses
Graduation $500 MSP, Tena is chair, Joanne is working on plaques
New Business:
5:00-Adjourn to 04/09/03 in MUSTANG Room.

Meeting of March 5, 2003
Call to order @ 3:29 
Officer Reports: Frank: discussed progress with negotiations, Management offered 10% across the board to settle adjunct pay issue, MSP to accept. He provided a handout and all proposals were discussed. 23 from CTA 6 from management.
Liz: asked about mutli vs single year contracts March 12th Allan Frye to talk. 
Al: discussed the fact that managers that have paid dues will get 
Jim McBride: reported on organizing committee, meeting 2/26, speakers to board 3/11, conf. CCA 4/25-27
New Business: Nomination committee of Jeff Hislop, Amir, and Steve appointed
5:00-Adjourn to 03/1/03 in MUSTANG Room.

Meeting of February 12, 2003
Call to order @ 3:35 Minutes were lost in computer
Members present: Liz Blanchard, Jeff Hislop, , Max Simoncic, Harry Mersmann, Jim McBride, Jeff Topping, Frank Daniels, Joann Cataldo, Dean Danielson, Al Ortiz, Barbara Broer, Yolanda Calderon, Evelyn Chapman, Amir Assadihad, Randy Gaines, Mary Ann Paz, Tena Carr, Pat Doyle, Steve Schermerhorn, Pedro Ramirez, Dee Brown, Mary Little, Mike Seeyle. Janice Takahashi
Officer Reports: Liz: gave opening statement about budget crisis, handed out RIF response info, bumping rights, March 12th Allan Frye to talk. 
Al: Discussed 7 major complaints, reported status of cases, advised what was in the scope of the union, discussion of FSA submissions, and comm. College lay-off procedures.
Barbara: reported on, gave handout on Policy issues discussion about managers teaching.
Mike: report re dues and funds and audit costs since 10/02 to be completed, back three years, 60% of money was for grievances, 
Committee Reports:
Janice Takahashi: discussed retreat rights, FSA’s, Pres and VP to senate 2/19/03
Frank: introduced team and discussed progress with negotiations
Jeff Topping: discussed adjunct concerns and about managers teaching
Joanne: Discussed CTA membership enrollment, dues accounting and objectors in compliance, wanted more information dispersed to membership during these times, Steve to do web page,
Jim McBride: motioned to start an organizing committee, MSP
Old Business: none
New Business: $500 for graduation budget, Bylaw revision committee of Jeff Hislop, Jeff Topping, and Harry appointed.
5:30-Adjourn to 03/1/03 in MUSTANG Room.